Click this post if you are going to post a (MADNESS TEST)

2017-05-27 01:08:17 by joejoebunn

Hello everyone, i have something really important to say to people that are going to post (MADNESS TEST)


  • 1.You shoud NOT post any test into the movies. if you post them to the movies, then your test will be completely banned for good.
  • 2.If you can not post it to the movies. post it on or post it into the dump items on the newgrounds button that says P, and it is next to your profile.
  • 3.It DOES NOT work on any other test you post. like strawberry clock, pico, and more, if you post them on movies. it will still be completely banned,     so all the rules you need to know,


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2017-06-08 15:10:11

loool, Says the guy who posted 15 second animation here :P

joejoebunn responds:

Yea. That animation was total crap. I should delete that